Task Description when using Infopath Form in Request Data Action (Sharepoint 2010)

Hello folks,


I'm currently facing this problem: I'd need to use a Infopath form for a specific request data action, because I need to have conditional formatting and some field validation rules in place.

For best user experience, I want a detailed task description to be shown in the task completion window. The description contains multiple workflow variables and/or list item values. However, when switching the form type to "Infopath", the task description no longer displays.


Question 1: How can I achieve that the task description that uses multiple workflow variables, is shown in the complete task window, using form type "Infopath"?

Question 2: If there is no easy answer to question 1, is there a way to query workflow varibles in the Infopath form, using Infopath Designer (2013)?


I appreciate any help.

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