System generated emails using Nintex List Workflows

I'm running into some issues while creating an automated rule to send a system generated notifications.

What I'm trying to accomplish is that an email be sent 3 days after an employee is assigned to an existing entry if they haven't confirmed the date associated with the entry.  Here's a text version of what I'm envisioning the workflow to look like:

"Date PRR Confirmed w/ POC" is blank


"Total Briefing Hours Approved" has a numeric value in the field


3 calendar days after the "PRR/Briefer Name" field has a value input


System generated email is sent to Employee and their Manager is cc'd.

The first issue I'm experiencing is with the way a Send Notification is sending out emails.  For some reason, when I insert a reference to the field that has the assigned employees name and cc: their manager, the greeting looks something like this

Hello i:0#.w|fs\fs145557;i:0#.w|fs\fs144640;i:0#.w|fs\fs151557 ,

I have the SharePoint field set up to pull the employees name out of our company's Active Directory.Edit Column.png

In my Nintex Send Notification configuration, I'm directing my To: field to the "PRR/Briefer Name" field in the SharePoint form.  The cc: field is configured to look up the Manager who the value of the "PRR/Briefer Name" reports to.


PRR BN SN Action.jpg

MGR Lookup.jpg













My current workflow looks like this.

Existing WF.jpg


I've attempted to follow the training videos on the Nintex site, but my headphone out is broken on my computer and I'm having a difficult time following the lessons without audio.  I won't have access to the training content for at least a couple of days.  Any advice and insights on how to create this workflow and have the actual names of the employees and managers populate will be greatly appreciated.

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Re: System generated emails using Nintex List Workflows

Hello Rudy,


Any people-field refers to / saves the AD Account of that person.  The funny digits infront of the AD Account is because of the claims based authentication token assigned to the user(I might have not stated that technically correct :-)).

To get the name and surname you can use the Query User Profile action which will use the AD Account and go look for the employee's Name and Surname in the SharePoint User Profile service running on your SharePoint farm.  I have attached an example of the action.  This action only allows for either the name or surname to be requested at a time, so you will have to run it twice to get both.

Then use your new variables in your email to address people but continue to use the AD Account field in the To and CC fields.


Let me know if any of this is unclear or if you need more clarity.


Kind Regards,

Francois Crous

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Re: System generated emails using Nintex List Workflows

apart from using Query User Profile action as @fccrous mentions, you could as well use set variable action with return type configured to 'Display name' to get full (name, surname...) user's display name.

this action works as well on SP environments where there is not running user profile service






be carefull with use of Manager reference variable!

it doesn't lookup for a manager of whom you configure in To: field, but rather it returns a manger of who triggered the workflow, resp. with whos privileges worflow runs if impersonanted.

see documentation -




if it's 'correct' manager, you may as well see that you could directly pick 'Manager Display Name'


Re: System generated emails using Nintex List Workflows

Hi fccrous,

I attempted to configure a Query user profile, but for some reason the name drop down is empty.  Is there a step I'm missing?Empty d-down.jpg


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