Sync Sharepoint DB to Nintex DB

Is there a particular SQL script that I can run that will display the tasks that are out of sync between Nintex and SharePoint?  We had a restore of the SharePoint DB, but not the Nintex, so now task displays tasks as "incomplete", but when the user attempts to approve it, it is already showing approved.  Ayude me!

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Re: Sync Sharepoint DB to Nintex DB

That's a good question and may require support. Please ask them if you have not already. If you have found a solution, please post it here.

The only thing I could find is possibly around an NWAdmin command NWAdmin Operations - Nintex Workflow 2013



This operation is used to find workflows where the status stored in the Nintex Workflow does not match SharePoint’s representation of the status. The Nintex Workflow status is updated to match the SharePoint status.

I'm not sure if this will help, but you can use the -preScan switch to see the out of sync workflows but not make any changes.