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Submitting documents to records centre using nintex submit record action

I am having difficulties configuring the "Submit Record" action in nintex to submit a document to a records centre. I have configured the records centre and am able to successfully submit records manually using SharePoint's "Send To" action which I configured in CA.

I have consulted the Nintex help file but am still stuck on configuring the "Record Series" option on this action. We have multiple records centres set up on our site (one for each of our physical sites). I have tried setting this field to many variables, including drop off libraries, send to connections (by name or by URL) but am not sure what is meant to be entered here. Any help would be greatly appreciated. TIA

Extract from Nintex help file on this action:

Submit Record

* This topic applies to Nintex Workflow Enterprise Edition only

* This workflow action applies to Microsoft SharePoint Server only

This workflow action will submit the item that the workflow is running on to the SharePoint Records Center that has been configured in the environment.

Note: This action is only available in workflows being created on document libraries.

To use the workflow action:

  • Locate the action in Workflow Actions Toolbox (located on the left hand-side);
    • Click on the Category listings to reveal the actions; OR
    • Search for the action using a keyword.
  • Select the action, drag it onto the design canvas and drop it onto a design pearl.
  • Left-clicking the pearl, mouse-over Insert Action and then the Categories to reveal the actions, click the required action from the list.
To change the settings used by the action:
  • On the action’s title click the down arrow to activate a drop-down
  • Select Configure; OR
  • Double-click the action's icon.

For more information on the other options in the drop-down, please refer to the Getting started with the Nintex Workflow designer.

Options within this action

Record series

The 'Record series' can be used to overwrite the default Record Center behaviour by specifying which routing record this item should follow. If Record series is left empty, the default routing record for the item content type will be used.

Record status

When a record is submitted, a status message is returned to describe the result of the submission process. The Record status can be used to select a workflow variable to store the outcome status message.

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Re: Submitting documents to records centre using nintex submit record action

The send to ability can be very helpful for the user to decide when and where the document should go. But you can also configure this at the content type level using information management. Can you define a routing within the content type?