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Submit user data loads autopopulated form in edit mode


I'm presently converting a number of infopath forms as my business has just migrated over to Nintex however I'm having a few problems achieving the same functionality, is the below possible in nintex?

I have a very large sharepoint 2013 list (2500 rows , 40 columns). Each row corresponds to an employee and I want each employee to be able to easily load their form in edit mode to apply changes when necessary. I need to restrict standard users submitting new forms to ensure that each employee only has one form. I would also like (but can compromise on this) for users to only load their own form however as this list is bulk uploaded in the first instance restricting view to items created by user is not an option.

Previously in infopath I could achieve this by having an Intial view that had one field returning the present logged on user which I made read only. When the user clicked "fetch my data" the form would switch views to an auto populated form that the user could amend. This was achieved by ensuring my list had a column containing the account field to look up against.

Presently the best alternative I have found is to have the list and nintex form webpart on the same page with a connection however this still requires the user to first navigate a list to load their form.

ideally I'd like the user to be able to either be detected as logged on or to be able to first submit their email address for it to then return their form in edit mode.

Any help is most appreciated