State Machine not changing to the correct State and not running task.

I have a workflow with a State Machine with 10 different stages.  Each stage is a Reviewer or Approver for the request.  They have the option to Approve or Request Clarification from the initiator.  


When they select  "Need Clarification" I have set up a stage for each individual Reviewer and Approver to send a task to the initiator to update or provide the clarification that the Reviewer or Approver needed.



On some stages the workflow flows correctly.  It goes from:

  1. Reviewer - request clarification 
  2. change state to Initiator task
  3. then back to Reviewer. 


Then on other stages it will do the change but will not run the initiator's task it will just resend the Reviewer/Approver task back to complete.

  1. Reviewer/Approver - request clarification
  2. change state goes to Initiator task ( will not send email to do task)
  3. goes back to Reviewer/Approver task.


  • Will changing the Outcome name form Reject to Need Clarification cause an issue?
  • Is there a maximum number of change states in a state machine workflow?
  • Is there a better way to organize the workflow to have the functionality for the Reviewer/Approver to have the option to request clarification form the initiator?


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