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Starting a workflow on older entries

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Morning all!

I have a workflow:

That appears to be working for new entries

I have several older entries in my list that were created before this workflow. 

Is there a way of running the workflow "manually"?

The list is called "material spillage form" & it comes up with a column in my list that shows two status - Completed or In Progress.

My older entries are blank (in this column) & i want to change this to either In progress or Completed & i thought the best way was to force the workflow to run - but i cant figure out how to do it!

I tried to edit the page in datasheet view but it wont let me make any changes to that column

any pointers?


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Re: Starting a workflow on older entries

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Hi Pete

I sometimes do this by :

1. creating a column called "Dummy"

2. updating my workflow to conditional start on modification when Dummy = x

3. publish workflow

4. Add "Dummy" to view and edit in datasheet view

5. Put "x" in Dummy column on all items I want workflow to run on

6. Wait for workflow to complete

7. Edit workflow and remove the conditional start

8. Publish workflow

9. Delete column "Dummy"

Alternatively you can do this for each item by choosing item menu > workflows > workflow name > start.

If you don't see your workflow then you need to allow your workflow to start manually (checkbox) on your workflow settings and publish.

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Re: Starting a workflow on older entries

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Hi Peter Scott‌,

I want to add some extra info to point (5) of what Cassy mentioned:

Nintex workflows, just like workflows made with SharePoint Designer, are meant to be triggered by human inter-action and not by a batch. In step (5), you can create a batch and potentially 'hurt' your farm performance.

The company I work for has dealt with unhappy companies that contacted us, saying their workflows were very very slow and their farm was under performing. Investigation showed that every day, at the start of the day, a SAP export was dumped into a SharePoint list kicking of a Nintex Workflow for each item.

My personal experience is that small batches often is not a real problem. So please take care with (5).