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Can someone confirm what exactly the option "Do not start this workflow if it is already running" does? Help document says "When this option is checked, the current workflow will not run the specified workflow if it is in progress." and I'm confused by the results I'm seeing in my workflow. Below is my current scenario:


  1. Workflow 1 before it ends, it starts Workflow 2. I'm not checked the option "Wait for the workflow to complete before continuing", so my workflow 1 proceeds and it gets over.
  2. Now I made some changes in Workflow 2 and published it. Workflow 2 which got started in above Step # 1 is still In Progress
  3. After I published Workflow 2, my workflow 1 gets triggered again. When it reaches to Start Workflow 2 action, instead of bypassing it (since previous instance of Workflow 2 is already in progress), it's starting Workflow 2. So now, I have two Workflow 2 running on my item.

Can someone confirm if it's a bug or what !!!!



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Nintex How-To Center Expert
Nintex How-To Center Expert

Re: Start Workflow Action - New Instance of the Worflow

Your versions of Workflow 2 are different so current workflow 2 is not running so it will be run.
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