Splitting Summary Notifications By Assigned Individual

Hello Everyone,


I currently have a workflow that queries a list, sets multiple variables then sends an e-mail summary (build string) to the individuals with their specific items on the list. I would like to instead send each person a summary with only THIER items on it.


I have tried (after setting all of the variables) to query only the persons items and building the table within a loop, then closing each table outside of the loop and sending individual notifications. The result here is that each person only gets ONE of their items in the e-mail.


I have also built another version of the workflow where it queries that persons items first, sets the variables, builds and send the summary then repeats it all for the next person  (which works fine - but makes for a very long workflow).


Is there any way to basically have all items in one summary then split the summary up by those who the items belong to instead of having to repeat all of the actions (basically running the workflow once for each person)?

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Re: Splitting Summary Notifications By Assigned Individual

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