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Size of nintex form when opened through promoted link list

Hi there!

I've added a promoted link list with a link that should open in "Dialog" box.
The link goes to a Nintex 2016 form which is saved in another list.
When I open this form directly from the list, the form is displayed correctly as I designed it in the Nintex form designer.
But when I open it with the link saved in the promoted link list the size of the frame is limited and the form looks squashed. Even I tried to use CSS to set a fixed size for the Dialog window but this didn't worked for me.

Screenshot of form opened directly in list (correct): 


Screenshot of form opened in promoted link list (incorrect):



Code I used:

<style type="text/css">
.ms-dlgContent {
width: 800px !important;
height: 800px !important;
.ms-dlgBorder {
width: 800px !important;
height: 800px !important;
.ms-dlgFrame {
width: 740px !important;
height: 740px !important;


Anyone can help me please?

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