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Site collection workflow fails to accept design changes

Working with Nintex WF and Forms 2016 on-prem

My main site collection workflow randomly stops accepting design updates to the workflow.

Example:  I can add Log History actions to the workflow.  When running the workflow, the expected history is not logged.  I can also add/remove other workflow actions with the same results.  The workflow will run successfully, but the changes are not applied even though they are displayed in the designer client.  Note:  The workflow is published after any changes.

The only thing I've found to correct this is to create a new workflow file using either a stored copy of the nwf or a previous version, and save it with a different workflow name.

This is now occurring more frequently and has become a major PITA.  The worfklow is 340 kb with less than 100 actions.

Does anyone know what causes this behavior and how to permanently resolve this issue?

Thank you.


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