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SharePoint with Nintex 2010 - Attachments and review


A few questions I was hoping to get some help on.


1. I am creating a workflow in SharePoint with Nintex 2010.

When someone goes to start the new workflow that requires approval I would like
for them to be able to add an attachment (a picture) to their workflow


Is this a capability of Nintex 2010 with SharePoint, and if so how would I do


(Attachment 1)




After creating the workflow and having it sent for approval I would like the approver
to be able to see all of the information that the requestor submitted (The information seen in attachment 1)


I would assume that there should be something to click in the screenshot below
next to “link” in order to access this information; however, cannot figure out
how to get it to show up.


(Attachment 2a)


A screenshot of my current workflow can also be referenced (attachment 2b)


Is there something I would have to add to this in order to get this capability?


Thanks for the help – let me know if any additional
information is needed to make this easier to answer!


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