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SharePoint 2010 List to Nintex Form - Field Level Security



Completely new to SharePoint stuff.


I have converted a SharePoint List to a Nintex Form. Can someone help me form a syntax to apply field level security please?



It is a simple SharePoint List with 6 fields - "Field 1", "Field 2", ... "Field 6".

I want to lock first 5 fields for Edit to whoever has created the Item only; however, everybody else should be able to View it but cannot Edit it.

Field 6 should be open to everybody to View and Edit both.

And noone (except the Owner of the SharePoint site) can delete any of the Items in the List.




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Re: SharePoint 2010 List to Nintex Form - Field Level Security

Hello Vishal,


I'm not sure that there is a way to add security on field level in a form.  I have never seen it done.


What you can do is disable certain fields in your form based on certain conditions.  This only disables it in the form though.


To solve your problem we can use rules or the appearance setting on each field.

The Appearance setting allows you to disable a field with an Expression, i.e. when Is New Mode or with a formula.

The rules will allow you the same functionality.   With rules you can add fields 1 - 5 in a panel and apply the same rule once to the panel and all the fields will be disabled but visible.  Field 6 will be open for editing.


Do you know how to create the rules?  A form can have 3 modes. 

Is New,

Is Edit or

Is Display. 


I have attached and example of a rule that shows how to disable a field if the status is not New any more.   So this example will have the selected controls disabled if you edit an existing form or display it.


Let me know if you need more information.


Kind Regards,

Francois Crous

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