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Share workflow variable in a flexi task


I have a flexi task that gather approvement and comment, but the form also has a People-field for the responder to fill in "who else to inform" when the task is approved. the People-field is connected to a workflow variable.

There are multiple assignees to the flexi task and I had the theory that if responder A entered an unser in the People-field, responder B could see this information when he later responded.

But no, It seems that each of the generated tasks keeps the entered information for itself. The actual outcome of the People-field is the content of the last person that responded. But then I loose all information from responder A.

Any solution to this?

How can I get this information from both? and preferably, can see what is already entered



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Re: Share workflow variable in a flexi task

Can you please post a screenshot of your workflow? You can create a variable when someone approves to say if the person approved/rejected. You can use that variable in the rest of the workflow to do what ever you want to do using an If action. If  you are using SharePoint as well, the user can see if the other approvers approved/rejected when looking at the SharePoint list and the workflow status while it is "In Progress".

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Re: Share workflow variable in a flexi task

Can you add an additional approver column to your list and have that connected on your flexi task form.  In theory then if approver 1 chooses a person and saves the response that selected person will already be there visible when approver 2 responds.