Set Approver Comments for the next task


I've got a workflow that starts with a 'Request data' task and I'd like to capture some comments during that task. Unlike a flexitask, comments aren't included by default.


Next we enter a state machine where a flexitask is created with a follow up action and I want the comment to be included from the first step.

In the flexitask if I include the 'Approver Comments' variable I see the name, date and time of the first 'Request data' task but there are no comments - which I expect, there's no comments box in the Request data task.


I thought if I can collect my own comments I could set them in the 'ApproverComments' field in the first task then they'd be included in the next flexitask, but it didn't work as expected. The comment section is still blank.


I wonder if this is possible? Ideally, I'd have them so they work with the standard 'Approver Comments' because I'm relying on this variable for the rest of the comments. As it's a state machine it could come back around to this fliextask, this time with a comment set from another flexitask. I'd want to display the latest (last) comment, not the comment from the very first 'Request data' task which will now be out of date.


I thought the next task uses the comments from the previous task, but perhaps not. Perhaps it works by using a hidden variable that Nintex set in the workflow that I can't access?


Any help/guidance appreciated.



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