Sending email notification when item is changed


I am quite new on using this tool but I have the following scenario which still unable to find the perfect solution and would appreciate suggestions.


Previously, user created a request on Sharepoint by using our form's Infopath but now we are going to move to Nintex.


The scenario is user creates a request for my team then every time the item is create or changed, there's notification emails sending to responsible person based on the status changed.


Currently i have the status list column in Sharepoint as following.

1. Pending assign

2. Assigned

3. In progress

4. Sending for approval 

5. Complete

6. Closed


But, sometimes the workflow might not start from 1-6, it can go from status 1-4 then back to status 3 and go to the status 4 again, as a result, the workflow will not go to the next step. Even though using "Loop" in the workflow does not cover fully 100% of the scenario i have, so Does Nintex has any features except the workflow ? it just only send notification email to responsible person based on some items change.


Thank you.


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Re: Sending email notification when item is changed

@ynslk try to explore state machine and change state actions.

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