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Send item back to initiator - workflow with state machine

Hi guys,

I have a workflow that is triggered when new items are created. It is a list workflow and it is using a single custom list. The workflow is working perfectly fine, except I am struggling to send the form back to the initiator. In the workflow below, the state "VM1 Amendment" basically sends the user and email with an editform.aspx url for the current item with the original request form fields exposed to them to modify. But the state changes to "VM1 Review" (usually in 5 mins), whether or not the initiator has resubmitted! I have tried using "wait for item update" which just hangs even if the initiator has resubmitted. So how do I tell the workflow that the item has been modified and if so how to start it back from the top? Am I actually doing the right thing by sending the user a editform.aspx url? I am not sure what I need to add to get this working. So any help would be much appreciated. 




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