Send an e-mail with nintex workflow

Hi guys,


I'm sorry for my bad english, but I really need help. I couldn't find any topic that is related to my problem in this forum or in any other one.

I don't know much about Sharepoint or Nintex, but I'm trying to create a workflow to a custom list and I'm stuck.

Here's the thing: I take care of a Library and we're using this custom list on Sharepoint for monitoring the books. I want an e-mail to be sent to the person that borrowed the book when the return date is close or when we're in the return date.


Is it possible?

I'm sorry again if u don't understand my english, I did my very best.


Thank you!!!

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Nintex Employee
Nintex Employee

Re: Send an e-mail with nintex workflow

Yes this is possible.
Have a site workflow run daily and go through the list and when a date is in the range that you want, send an email to the user who borrowed it.

Alternativley and easier is to have a list workflow run when the book is borrowed and have it wait until the date you want to send the email.
On that date check if the book is back. If so do nothing, if not send the email.