Send Outlook Emails from SharePoint list (filters)

Unfortunately I was not able to find anything similar to this one and our company doesn’t have PowerApps configured so trying it from a Nintex perspective. Any help is appreciated.

I was thinking of it from an Announcement perspective as well for them to enter the email information each time and select who to send to on submit.


Here is the Request below to assist in why we are not using groups, etc.

Multiple groups (filtered views) would get different emails.

  • Use a SharePoint Contact List for an overall Program Roster
  • Use columns on the Contact List to designated Market / Product, Workstreams, Functional Area, and Role within each

For instance, we’d have filters for:

  • Executive Committee
  • Steering Committee
  • Regional / Market Leads
  • Business Owners
  • IT Owners

I know I can do this with SharePoint Groups but I’m hoping there is a way to leverage a single list (i.e. no duplicate maintenance) and be able to send emails to certain groups.  We may have to move to Active Directory email distribution lists or SP Groups, but again, I’m hoping to not have to duplicate the maintenance.

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Re: Send Outlook Emails from SharePoint list (filters)

So you've got a couple of options (assuming I've interpreted this correctly).

Option 1

Have multiple SharePoint groups for the different departments which has the names populated. Then for your announcement list, have a column who the audience will be (choice would be best). Then create the SharePoint workflow with a switch depending on what's in that column. Under each branch you can then have a send notification with the group in the 'To'. You'd have five send notifications but each would only run depending on what department you choose.


Option 2

Have all your users in one contact list with a 'department' column. As above, for your announcement list, have an 'audience' column (again you choice) that are the same as the departments. For the workflow, use 'query list' to get all the users from that last filtered by the relevant department. Store them in a collection and use the collection in the 'to' for the send notification.

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