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Seeking advise for a workflow that needs to create 4000+ tasks

Every month our accounts do an "Accounting Cutoff" for each legal entity in our company.  The closing must be completed in 5 working days or shorter if possible.  There are between 80 and 120 different tasks that need to be completed per legal entity (and we have over 50).  One accountant is overseeing the closing of his/her legal entity and currently keeping track in a spreadsheet or on a piece of paper which tasks are done and which ones are running late ...

Our CFO reached out for a central application where management can easily follow the cutoff process and potentialy reduce the entire cycle. 

We created a "Task Setup" list with all tasks for all legal entities.  This list contains the legal entity code, task name, cutoff+x working day the task is due, name of the responsible accountant and name of the approver (not always the accountant manager). Each item also has an "enabled" field.  Since this is a monthly repetitive process we have a "Master record" with the cutoff cycle name and the cutoff date.  From this "Master record" we start a workflow that cycles through the "Task Setup" list using a "call web service" and creates a Flexi-task for each enabled item.

Today is accounting cutoff day and we are UAT'ing the application for 4 legal entities ... The workflow created some 300 tasks and then it broke off  .. Unfortunately also the error message broke off, just at the point where I (hopefully) would have learned what went wrong ..

Question 1: What can I do to capture the entire error message?

Question 2: What would be your approach to create the 4000+ tasks?  Assuming the server just gave up on me, I am considering to split the tasks in chunks of 100 and pause one or two minutes in between each of them.     

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Re: Seeking advise for a workflow that needs to create 4000+ tasks

SharePoint is not for everything, if you even split you will have many other problems with that. If I were you I would look for a developer , and create a custom application.