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Good Day guys,

Could you please give me some feedbacks about which is the best way to create search form in Nintex or if there a web part to do that.

What I am trying to do is search for a Contractby writting the contract number and once I get the record add another add a new contract from that place.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Best Regards

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Automation Master

Re: Search form

When you say "Add a new contract to that place", what specifically is the PLACE?

Is it a folder? A doc set? A library?

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Re: Search form

Hi walter fuentes‌,

The options you have depend on the SharePoint/Nintex version you have available. Since you did not mention this, I assume you have SharePoint/Nintex 2013  I also do some other assumptions to give you an idea about an possible solution.

I think your solution could be a custom SharePoint page with Search webparts and a content editor web part at the bottom which adds a link to the Nintex form to add a contract (add item to the list with contracts). Every contract (item in the list) is of a specific content type which is used by the search results web part too. Using a dedicated content type is would really simplify the solution.