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Saving a Nintex 2013 form to a SP folder or shared drive

Afternoon all

I need to be able to send a completed Nintex form to a SP folder or (preferably) a shared drive. I'm using Nintex 2013 On Prem. I thought the Copy to SharePoint action might be my road in but it only seems to save attachments from the form to the SP library not the actual form itself and I can't seem to point the action towards my local drive as a proof of concept.

Anyone else had this requirement?  Thanks in advance!


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Nintex Employee

Re: Saving a Nintex 2013 form to a SP folder or shared drive


A form is just a nice way of displaying the metadata of a sharepoint list. It is not a file that can be saved.
This means that you have to first generate a file that contains the MetaData. This can be done using an update document action to update a word template and save it as a new file in a document library or use the Document Generation action and save the output to a library.
When creating a workflow on a document library an action called "copy to file share" will appear in your tool box which as labeled copies documents to a file share.
A workflow can run on the library to copy all created documents to the fileshare.
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