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SQL Request Control Question


I am new to Nintex. One of my first projects is revamping an existing system.

Something I am trying to accomplish is to have a user select "related requests". I am using the SQL request control which filters result that match a part number entered by the requester (lets say... B-88). I want the user to select any requests that relate to the part number B-88. They may have 10 options but only 3 are related. This was simple. I used a Multi Select display format and this worked nicely allowing users to "Add" those 3 requests

HOWEVER...the part that is stumbling is after the user selects the related requests, I want the the hyperlink to that request to appear. The hyperlink is stored in my SQL table. But how can I get 3 hyperlinks to appear? Do I need to use Javascript or....?

Ideally the "Chart, Needle Bearing", etc would be hyper links. But i would settle with a different option... (hyperlinks listed to the right or something).

Thanks in Advance!

Also: I am using SP 2013 on Prem.

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