Rewards points tracker with total balance

I need a Nintex workflow solution to be able to track points each time someone is awarded for winning a contest, etc. Points can be any number. The admin will enter the points or redeem points and an automated message sent to the recipient with their total balance. Thanks.

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Re: Rewards points tracker with total balance



  • Instead of points earned, I'll suggest you split it in 2 fields i.e. Current Points Earned and New Points Earned
  • Now if you have Nintex forms then you make sure Current Points Earned is not editable
  • Trigger the workflow when an item is created and/or modified
    • Using Math Operation, do the sum of Current Points Earned & New Points Earned
    • With another math operation, you subtract reddem points from above total
    • Using update item:
      • Update Current Points Earned with the sum amount
      • Pass empty value to New Points Earned
      • Using subtraction result update Points available
    • Send notification email to the person (using participant name field) before ending the workflow


NOTE: I'll make sure Participant Name field always allow unique values to avoid duplicate entries. Setting is in List Settings --> Participant Name Column Setting.

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