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Reviewing documents in a SharePoint 2013 list using nintex workflow

Hi, I’m new in Nintex workflow world. I have a SharePoint 2013 list where several documents will be attached and need to be reviewed from several people in different groups. I have a Nintex workflow where the attached documents will be available to modify inside the task (another workflow running within). I have few requirements and not sure how to accomplish them:

a. I’m using “Request Review” action to create a task for 4 people to go in and review a document(s). There will be a time when some will have comments (modifying the documents) and some wont. If some of them won’t have comments or won’t review the documents, how do I send a task to the next group of reviewers without stopping the workflow?

B. When the next group of reviewers get their task notification, they will go in and review the documents. They may need to upload new clean version of the document without removing the existing one then click OK on the task. These new documents need to be available to review inside of the task for the next reviewer. How do I accomplish this?

C. I have a date field for each reviewer, which it needs to be automatically update within the workflow. I can use update value, but how I know to set this value after each reviewer to their correct field? Thank you in advance for any help!

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