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Review Task Conditional Outcome

Hello, we are currently working on a Change Management Workflow. We also have Nintex Forms, the Workflow begins with a requestor filling out a form and selecting an "Implementation Type" (Choice field), if they select "Expedited", the Workflow routes this request to the "Expedited" State within the Workflows State Machine. The purpose of the Expedited request is to have it Reviewed ASAP instead of waiting for the next weekly Change Advisory Board meeting.

The requirement is that when a request is "Expedited", in order for this request to be "Approved" for implementation, 2 "IT Managers" have to Approve OR the CIO has to Approve (whatever condition is met first). The available review outcomes are "Approved", "Rejected", or "Deferred". We currently don't know how many "IT Managers" are going to need to review, currently I know of 3 (I know some of you will automatically think of using a "Flexi Task" and set to "Majority Decides" because 2 out of 3 is majority but I want a solution that will work even if there's more than 3 "IT Managers").

Also, if one of the IT Managers selects "Reject" but 2 of them select "Approve", the Approves takes precedence. If the CIO Rejects, then regardless of IT Managers review outcomes, the CIO's review takes precedence. Of course, this would be a first come first serves meaning whatever condition is met first matters (CIO reviews task or "IT Managers" review task).

I know there's other conditions that have to be taken into consideration such as what happens if you have 3 IT Managers, and 2 select "Reject", or one selects "Reject" and the other "Deferred", what happens then? We are still trying to get upper management to provide these details

For now, anyone has some ideas? Extra points if someone can help also capture Who Reviewed and Their Outcome and have this information saved to the list so that I can display it in a separate form tied to a separate content type.

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