Retrieving Task Comments into the Workflow



Being new user of nintex I have what I would consider a basic questions, but wasn't able to find answer so far.

Use case:  A sharepoint list with a nintex approval workflow. In the reject branch I would like to add further actions that make use of the reject comment from the approval task linked to the original item, e.g. sending a notification to a person incl. a link to the item and the reject comment.

I cannot figure out how to retrieve that comment (which is linked to the approve task rather then to the workflow's item) to use it further in the workflow.

Can anyone give me a hint for this please?


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Re: Retrieving Task Comments into the Workflow

Having tried around further since the post, I guess the essence of my question is:


How is the task which is created with the Workflow Action (e.g. FlexiTask or Request Approval) linked to the item (in my case entry in a sharepoint document library) for which the workflow was used?


The only link I could find so far is the "Related Content" field in the action, but I haven't been able to use that in a workflow query =>


      <FieldRef Name="WorkflowLink"  />
      <Value Type="URL">{Common:ContextItemUrl}</Value>


Didn't to the job. 😞


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