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Resubmission of document following review rejection

I'm in the middle of creating a document review & approval workflow and I'm looking for some help.


An overview of the workflow is as follows:

- User submits a document for review

- Review team (3 people) select either 'Reject', 'Approve' or 'Changes Required' & provide comments

- If the decision is not unanimous, the review team moderator will have the final decision under 'Other'

- They will then either select 'Reject', 'Approve' or 'Changes Required'

- The user will then be notified of the changes required, based upon the review comments


It's the next stage which I'm looking for help with (circled on the screenshot attached).


I'm unsure as to how the user can then make the changes to the document & resubmit, without having to create a new approval request.


Any help would be appreciated.


Current Workflow 09/07/19Current Workflow 09/07/19


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Re: Resubmission of document following review rejection

You could use a State Machine with 2 branches:

  • Review
  • Approval process

The State Machine starts with the Approval. If Change Required you'll do a Change State to the Review branch where you have the encircled tasks moved to; the last action in the Review branch is a Change State to Approval. For al the other (sub)branches you end with End State Machine.

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