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Repeating Section resize Panel

I have a quite big form which is in general able to work with multiple languages. 

My problem now is that some of the questions are shown or hidden depending on the language choice. These questions are in a repeating section due to the size and amount of questions. To make this form a bit more tidy i put my questions in a panel which is contained by the repeating section with a checkbox to hide all the questions. 

Now if I apply either the hide and show or switch the language all my questions slide aboth each other. This I could avoid by putting every question + answer in a seperat panel. Now i try to hide everything but it sadly resizing anymore because each of the seperat panels had to disable the option to resize (because otherwise the sliding of the question would happen again) 

Has anyone had a similar problem and solved in some way?

For further information. It's build in the classic form not the responsive

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Re: Repeating Section resize Panel

Can you give us a visual example of what's going on? A picture is worth a thousand words! 

Show us the starting Editor state, the starting state, and then what happens when you click on whatever needs to be clicked on to initiate the Panel / Controls hiding. 

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