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Remove duplicates - cascading drop down lookups

Good day,


I tried multiple things before writting, but i'm stuck on removing some duplicates on my form.


As you can see, i have 3 lookup columns that are getting there informations from multiple lists. Those column are meant to get the value of one another when i select them as im going down on the form..


I tried this solution :


but it gets me multiple value in my lists which could be confusing if we have to add some items.


Also, does someone have solution to get items from one lists instead of multiple.


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Re: Remove duplicates - cascading drop down lookups



What duplicates are you seeing in the output?

Is it coming from the Course or Date list?

One way around having multiple lists,

  • Make 1 master list of data.
  • Use choice columns on your SharePoint list and add them to your form. (You could do this with Courses and Premises)
  • You can pass values from these choice fields into your list lookup(s) on the form.
  • Create a new list view(s) that returns the specific values you need.

I have not done this with 3 tiered cascading lists, but I know it will remove the duplicates from a 2 tiered list.

If you can apply a view to your source master list, you may be able to achieve a 3 tiered cascade easier. I have had success using this method, but I think I had to use the Group By function in creating my custom view in order to pull back 1 value of each.

You can also try the below Javascript article that I found helpful.



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