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Re-Usable WF not starting for each element created by another WF

Hi Community,

I have been experimenting with re-usable WFs, and content types with some good results. Currently I am face with quite an annoying issue: 

I have multiple Libraries which are all basically identical. I am using a workflow based on a calendar event to add folders (elements) into these libraries on a specific content type (run as workflow owner), that should then trigger the re-usable workflow. For some reason only one of the multiple elements is able to trigger the workflow. Also which one of the libraries tiggers the WF seems to be random. It does not seems to matter in which order the WF creates the folders. I can start the WF manually on each folder created.

Any clues? If you need any details, I am happy to provide additional information!



ps. I am thinking if it would help to add a 5min pause inbetween all of the folder creations? This was not necessary when using list WFs. Could it be that too many simultaneous instances of re-usable workflows cause it to fail?

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