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Randomly occuring Error/Bug while using QueryUserProfile



I'm trying to use the QueryUserProfile action to get a user's Manager name, and send them an email, however, oddly, it errors out about 50% of the time, but other times works perfectly fine!


The error log states the following message: Error querying user profile. This feature is only available in the Nintex Workflow Enterprise Edition. Feature: QueryUserProfileStoreActivity


But I am running an Enterprise Edition! The oddest thing is how it randomly appears. In the same workflow, the QueryUserProfile worked in one instance, and later crashes with the above mentioned error.


I'll attach 2 pictures. The first one (Untitled) shows it working, the second one (Untitled2) shows it erroring in the same workflow with the error message. Also attaching proving that I am running an Enterprise Edition.


Its weird that it errors occasionally only, can't figure out why. I don't think its the Manager property as that property has worked before (when it decides to).

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