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In our current (sharepoint 2013) en future (sharepoint 2019) environment we want to use rest services based on json. Currently other services in our environment must translate the API response to sharepoint into XML because in Nintex  can only parse the XML body using the Query XML action.

I find this strange because json is very common for rest. I know there is a string manipulation workaround using expressions as 


I you have multiple fields than it will become quite messy to work like this. Is Nintex working on a workflow action "Query json"? If so, when will this be ready? If not: can this be placed on the backlog for Nintex for Sharepoint 2019? Thanks in advance.

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Nintex How-To Center Expert

Re: Query JSON

Please visit http://nintex.uservoice.com to request this feature.
To see what is coming you can check out the product road map heare:https://community.nintex.com/t5/Roadmap/Nintex-Product-Roadmaps/ba-p/94755

Re: Query JSON

That's something we've been requesting for years...
I did code a custom action to convert JSON to XML and vice versa.
When I can, I explicitly tell the web service to return XML in headers of my requests.