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Pulling in Data from Other List

Hello. I am having trouble with performing a lookup using the Update Item action. Here's a summary of what I'm trying to do:

  • There are two lists: one called Agents and the other is Test Call Logger
  • Agents contains the user's names, domain user names/NT IDs, and their phone ID
  • Test Call Logger has a form that the user fills out to track every test call that is made
    • The form automatically gathers the submitter's user name and the date/time so all they have to do is fill out one question

I'd like to be able to pull in the user's phone ID into the row of the test call that way I have their phone info handy when checking calls. Is this possible?


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Re: Pulling in Data from Other List

Is their phone ID in their AD/User profile? You could just pull it from there.


Otherwise, yes, you should be able to lookup data from one list and update it another one, but for anyone to help you, you'd need to add a lot more information regarding your data and list configurations. Screenshots are always a huge help too.

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