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Publishing Workflow with WebService INCLUDING InfoPath Forms

Hey guys,

I just wanted to ask if there is a chance to publish a Workflow using the Nintex-WebService ("PublishFromNWFXml") INCLUDING a InfoPath Start-Form.

My problem actually is, that everytime I deploy a new workflow to a new Site-Collection, the InfoPath Form is reset to the standard-Form. I have found no solution in the world wide web.

I tried to pre-deploy the *.xsn-File into NintexWorkflows/<WKF-Name>, and to post-deploy it. The WebService cannot overwrite existing Files (publishfromNWFXml). No Chance at all.

Even manually, there is no Chance to Import a InfoPath form as a start-form, or?

I hope anyone has the same challange and has got a neat Workaround for me



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