Publish Nintex Workflow Programmatically with Development assigned use



We are using Nintex Workflow for SharePoint 2016 with subscription license.

We are having a staging concept where a workflow is developed and tested on non-production sites. To move to a different stage we use Release pipeline that runs scripts that deploy the workflow to on the different stages. 

In our case we use the Nintex SOAP service to publish the NWF, we use method PublishFromNWF however the workflows are always published as Production. 

We need a method that will allow us to programmatically publish workflow and allow us to specify the assigned use so that we are able to set Development on the non-production environments.


Looking at the Web Service reference I am unable to find such method, there is PublishWorkflow and PublishWorkflow2 method, the PublishWorkflow is internal API that also does not have this option but PublishWorkflow2 has it however I am not sure if we can use it and what the value for activityConfigs should be. The NWAdmin operation DeployWorkflow also does not have this option.

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