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Problem with http/https in Context Item URL-Token

Hi everybody,

I have a weird problem with my workflow: I designed it on my local virtual machine on a site collection-url beginning with http://.

When I export and import it to a site collection on our test-farm (that's using https), links that are generated and sent by email from flexi-task-workflowaction begin with http instead of https.

If I create and export/import a small workflow on the same way with a Send-notification-workflowaction that sends me an email with all placeholder-tokens available containing a URL in the body, they use https.

Both ways to publish the workflows behave this strange, by the browser as well as publishing by powershell using the webservice-proxy.

This is a SharePoint 2016 OnPremise farm with Nintex Workflows international.

Is this a known phenomenon to somebody?

Update: I found the reason for this behaviour: if the workflow B is started by a workflow A then the second workflow doesn't send links with https-beginning in the url. If the workflow B is started directly, it works.

I attached an example to this post that demonstrates the behaviour. It includes two simple workflows A and B which contains only "log in history list" and the "start workflow"-action for the sake of convenience. So everybody with a https-sitecollection can download, import it to a list and reproduce the issue.

Workflow B started by Workflow A:

Workflow B started directly:

This seems to be a bug to me. Is there a solution for this, Frank Field?

Update: If I do start workflow B by "call web service" like described here ( ), https will be recognized. This would be a workaround if the initiating workflow should not wait until the started workflow has finished.

Greetings from Nuremberg


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