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Preventing form validation of a URL column

I'm using Nintex Forms in on-premise Sharepoint 2010

I have a form Hyperlink control connected to a column in a sharepoint list that is configured as display type "Image" (i.e. it will display the image that is at the URL address stored in the field)

My form uses Javascript to update the field value with data copied from elsewhere in the form, using a custom function linked to the Save button. This seems to be working ok.


I want to save the field with a value that I know will be initially be invalid. Initially it will only store the file name part of the URL, the address will be fixed-up in the background by a workflow after the item is saved. Trouble is the URL field is preventing my form from saving, because it keeps throwing up a "Please enter a valid web address" validation error.

As far as I can tell, Sharepoint itself has a pretty restrictive view of what a valid URL looks like, it won't accept just a fragment identifier like #MyFragmentID for example.

In the datasheet view of a list I can enter a URL of the form:     http://#myfile.jpg       in a hyperlink column

However, if I try to save this URL in a Nintex form I get the "Please enter a valid web address." validation error.

I want to disable the validation on this field to let me save the simplest URL form possible. I have tried setting up a validation rule that always returns false (no error), but the form still refuses to save a URL of the form shown above.

Any ideas on how to stop the Hyperlink field (apparently) doing extra validation over and above what Sharepoint itself allows?

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