Prevent approvers from receiving multiple emails

I have a form where users need to choose "approve" if they have completed training. I creased the form with information about training, which will be associated with the flexi task. There are 14 areas of training, and some approvers are exclusive to some areas and some approvers are associated with multiple areas. So I created a separate SharePoint list with two columns, one for "Area" and a people picker called "Approver". I plan to query the list with area and approver for the workflows flexi task.

Several people are associated with each area. In addition, some approvers are only associated with one area, and there are some that are associated with several areas. 
Everybody associated with the area has to approve and it doesn't matter in which order because they are all just confirming they have seen the material. 

How can I send 1 approval based on "Area" and associated "Approvers" without the folks listed in several areas reviving multiple emails. Can I create several run ifs associated to one flexi task, or how can I achieve this?

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