Populating a hyperlink field from a site content type workflow

I have a site collection with multiple sub sites. Each sub site has a list using a specific content type. In this list is a list workflow that runs when the list item is updated and it updates an item in the root site. I want to convert the list workflow to a site collection reusable workflow template so I can associated it with the site content type. That way when I need to make changes to the workflow, I only have to make it in one place and the change will propagate down to the list in each sub site.


Everything works really well except when I try to update a hyperlink field in the item in the root site. I have a variable that contains Web_URL, Title and I update the hyperlink field with this variable. This works great in the list workflow, but in the site content type workflow I get the error "Error Updating Multiple Items." Is there any way I can make it work in my site collection reusable workflow template?

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