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Populate Specific values that meets criteria to a single Multi Line Text box.

Hi everyone,


  • sharepoint 2013
  • nintex 2013
  • new to nintex
  • low Java language back ground ( im more into excel but I am willing to learn ) 


I am trying to make a nintex form that will sum up all selected items that meets criteria to a single multi line text box.


Pcts1.JPGso for this example fruits is selected yes, it will show up in sum order  as well with the drinks but for flowers that is "No" this will not show up on the sum order.


what i have completed so far is that when "no" is selected, selections bellow will be hiden. (what I did is hide the pannel with these questions)


my challenge is how to populate the selected items to the multi line textbox. 


any suggestion or link to nintex forum that might be similar to this one will be a great help to me. 


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