Permissions based on variable

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I want to assign premission to item based on workflow variable.

I created many groups like:







Now I need to assign the right permission group based on compan code (AT1,AT2,AT3,...) requestor choosed.

However, when want to assign permisson like  "IFRS16-{workflow variable-company code}" it always splits like this:  ifrs16-; Company Code;


Should I first set variable for IFRS16?


Thank you.


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Re: Permissions based on variable

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I understood that you want to set permissions based on a value of a workflow variable and you struggle with combining the permission group name.


What worked well for me is having a simple SharePoint List in the Background that has two columns, e.G. "Title" (Single Line of Text) and "Permission Group" (Person or Group).

Title would contain your company codes (AT1, AT2...) and the Permission Group column would hold the according permission group (IFRS16-AT1,...).


Now you could have a lookup column to that list, targeting the Title-Column. When requestor chooses AT1, in your workflow you will query your permission list and get the according value for AT1 from the permission group column and store it to a person variable. Now you can use that variable in your permission action.

Does this make sense?

Best regards


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Re: Permissions based on variable

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@kyon84 ....I'm guessing your company code is a choice column. If so then are you allowing multiple values?


  • Case 1: It's unique value
    • You can try to use RegEx to remove semi-colons and then add that new value in SLT variable and then using build string you can create the name to grant permission
  • Case 2: It's a check box and allow multiple values
    • Store it in collection variable, then using for each loop follow below steps
      • Build string to create the group name
      • assign permission
      • commit pending changes
      • reset the variables used in for loop

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