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Performance Problems SP 2010

A new client is reporting that when Nintex workflows run, their SharePoint 2010 servers are put under a very heavy load for a long period of time. Does anyone have any suggestions about the first things I should look at to begin troubleshooting?


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Re: Performance Problems SP 2010

Hi, Dean Gross‌, Shot in the dark, as you probably already searched inside the community, but is it possible WF history needs a "cleanup?" Here's a post on that: Workflow History Cleanup - A Real World Example   Hope that helps.

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Re: Performance Problems SP 2010

Heavy load peak when workflows run are often caused by large looping actions that consume all CPU from web front ends.

First thing to check is if there is safe looping enabled in Nintex general settings in Central Admin. If not I suggest to enable it.

Basically it allows only one loop within a timer job cycle. Loops will take a lot more time to process but at least a workflow won't be able to kill your servers.

Otherwise you'd need to check if you find workflows containing large loops and see if they cause the issue.

Would that be an option?

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