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People picker on Mobile is still showing deleted users from Azure AD!

Hi wonderful community, I'm looking for some help figuring that out. 

We have our AD setup in Azure and that's where the users are being pulled into the people picker fields.

There are some users and accounts that we have deleted from Active directory and the sync usually works pretty much within the minute after a change. Meaning that, if i go back to  nintex form on "Desktop" and try to search for the user on the people picker, he is no longer there.

BUT, if I do the same thing on the NIntex "Mobile" form, type a name and hit the "Search server", the name of the deleted user is still there and can be picked up!!!.. 

We have tried removing the people picker field and re-adding it, republished the form on the mobile (as suggested here: Updated Name Does Not Appear in People Picker - Nintex Knowledge Base )  but that still shows the deleted user when searched?! Is there a cache saved somewhere on the server/form that we need to clear?!

Please help! it is confusing our users and they are mistakenly choosing some deleted test accounts... 

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