Pending with column

Hi All,

Here am having a requirement and facing difficulty to achieve that. can someone please help me here.

requirement description:

item name
approval name
Pending with

i want to create a workflow in such a way that it need to update pending with column with the name to whom it went to.

Note: if any delegate is done then it need to update the delegated approval in pending with column.

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Re: Pending with column

how do you delegate?

you could have workflow on workflow tasks list that when added or edited will update the pending with column on the original list?

Nintex Employee
Nintex Employee

Re: Pending with column

This may be the best approach if you are looking to keep all of the data within the item itself.

Once a task has been assigned, update the context item with the assigned user.

I would recommend that you create a specific task list to use for this so you do not mess with any other lists/tasks.

Let me know if you need any helps with this, I find this interesting as we may have a similar need as this.