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Pause workflow

How to pause workflow for 5 mins in nintex and send notifications...

The pause function in nintex would pause for that item..calculating created field

But if the items are created using bulk upload (data sheet) view... how can we pause between items .

I.e. if 3 items are created at a time....1st time should pause for 5mins ... 2nd items 10 mins and 3rd should be at 15.

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Automation Master

Re: Pause workflow

Hi Eleazer,

Not the most elegant of solutions but I think this will work.  If you had a flag on each item "sent" / "new".  Then you could run a scheduled workflow to retrieve all items that have the status of new then run a loop with a 5 min pause in-between.  Keep in mind though that the minimum frequency to run a site workflow is 1 hour.



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