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Pause For/ Pause Until Nintex Workflow

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Is it okay to use Pause For/Pause until action to pause a workflow for extended period of time? For example, any request that is submitted today for with date 06/12/19, we want to pause it until 06/01/19 before the workflow can continue.

How long can we pause the Nintex Workflow? Is pausing the workflow for extended period of time going to have performance or any other issues?

Any advise and thoughts will be appreciated.

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Re: Pause For/ Pause Until Nintex Workflow

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despite it's possible, and there is no limit how long you can pause workflow for, it's not recommended to pause it for such a long period.

one reason is that even paused workflow consume some resources, but the bigger problem might be that over such a long period of time plenty of things may happen that could disrupt your workflow (eg. sharepoint/nintex updates, failures, ...). the workflow may fail and you would need to restart it once again from beginning, or it may pretend it runs but in fact it will not fire at given delayed time.

split your workflow into two separate workflows. let the first one to run as it is now.

for second part, you either schedule it run at a certain time at the end of first workflow (see Start Workflow action) or you can build an other (site) that would be scheduled to run regularly and that would check which item(s) second workflow should be started for, and it finds such an item(s) it starts the workflow.

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