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Passing QueryString Value to WorkFlow

I have a workflow that sends out an email with a link that returns them to the Nintex Form. When clicked, it has a query string parameter that identifies the role that the user is in. I need to grab this value when the form loads and use this value in the next step of the workflow.

So, How can I grab the querystring value that is passed to the form from the email link and pass that value to the next step in my workflow?

I could not find a way to set a Workflow variable with this value.


I am using Nintex Forms 2010

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Re: Passing QueryString Value to WorkFlow

If done in the one and same workflow then you still have the querystring value...... If it is in another workflow that is triggered by a item change or manual trigger, consider storing the role and user name in a supporting list which can be queried from any workflow involved......

If the above still does not answer your question, please can you provide a more detailed example of what you try to do; currently it suggest 1 form and 1 workflow, but most likely hints a 2nd workflow....