Notification, From field doesn't accept a specific email address

Hi everyone,


I would appreciate if someone would give me a hint to solve the following issue: I have to send a notification from a specific email address (something like: I tried: to write the email address in the From field, to add it as an external address, to make it as default value for a variable, to set the variable within the WF, to bulit the email address word by word (together with underscores). It is working only if I write it directly in the from field and only for one/two times or in the first hour. If I schedule the WF 1 hour after I publish the Wf, it doesn't work, the email is sent from a address like:! Do you think it is because of the two underscores or is it too long? It is not the first time when I'm doing this, but this email address just doesn't work. 

Thanks a lot!


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