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I have a requirement, where I need to do the following:

There are 8 ideas that a set of 10 users need to vote on. However, each are given 20 tokens where they can use all 20 tokens on a single idea or distribute their tokens on individual ideas. I am thinking SharePoint survey is not a good approach for this. How can I achieve this using SharePoint list and Nintex workflow?

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Re: Nintex workflow help

How about 10 items (each item for each user) and 8 choice fields (each choice for each idea) with 20 values (token values) in a list. And list workflow will send email notification to each user asking to fill their options.

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Re: Nintex workflow help

I would approach it as follows

- created a form with 8 input controls accepting numbers in range 0..20. one control for each idea.

- then I would created validation rule like

sum([idea1,idea2,idea3,idea4,idea5,idea6,idea7,idea8])> 20‍‍

that would sum up all the tokens assigned and if total exceeds 20 form would not validate so user couldn't submit such vote.

- let each user create/submit his own item